Clearance g

Evaluation of the clearance g

Please choose cross section d2. The according clearance g will be specified for the O-ring hardness in 70 and 90 Shore A for the accordant pressure.

cord diameter d2

O-ring behaviour
under pressure

pressureclearance g
O-ring hardness 70 Shore A35 bar

70 bar
100 bar
O-ring hardness 90 Shore A35 bar
70 bar
100 bar
140 bar
175 bar
210 bar
350 bar
All data in millimetre.

Material characteristics

This function gives you an overview of the temperature range of various elastomer materials. For detailed information please contact us.

T max (in °C)
T min (in °C)
chemical resistance

Errors and amendments accepted. The declared values are not binding and can not be contested. For questions please contact our application technology department (e-mail: applicationtechnology(at)cog.LÖ