O-rings and elastomer seals from the specialist

As an independent manufacturer, we are one of Germany’s leading suppliers of precision seals. We advise, develop and manufacture for you – always with the aim of providing you with a satisfying solution to your requirements, as well as assisting you with the smooth running of your processes. In order to avoid production downtime caused by damage to seals or by leakages, we make our high degree of materials expertise available to you. Like this, it quickly pays off for you to rely on the specialists.

In the world’s largest O-ring warehouse, we have over 45,000 different items in stock for you, including not just standard sizes but also special size variants, made from a wide variety of materials. You can directly make your choice and place your order. Or ask the specialists in our application technology department for expert advice: Our high-tech products provide you with clear benefits.

Our starting point is always a wide range of elastomers with outstanding performance characteristics. Our objective is to provide solutions you can depend upon. This results in lower expenditure on maintenance and lower follow-up costs.

But the most important requirement is the close partnership with you: Are you searching for dependable quality at a fair price? Do you require a custom solution suitable for your sector, which will enable you to secure your market advantage? Let’s discuss your requirements!  

COG. For 150 years the right solution.


Trade shows 2024

COG will be participating in these fairs in 2024:

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