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We serve our customers from the world's largest O-ring warehouse (45.000 positions kept in stock). You can search the COG O-Ring warehouse for your required sealing solution in one click.

For the search, enter the O-ring inner diameter d1 and the cord diameter d2. If necessary, you can narrow down your search by selecting the required material.  Example: Inner diameter of 10 mm and a cord diameter of 1,5 mm please enter 10x1,5 mm.


Our inventory is updated daily (intermediate sale of items and stock differences reserved). We only sell to business customers (no sales to private individuals!).

O-ring warehouse overview

Our exceptionally high readiness to deliver has good reasons:

  • The world’s largest O-ring warehouse 
  • Over 45,000 items kept in stock for immediate delivery
  • Professional use of the most modern storage and communication technology
  • All essential materials for O-ring and elastomer seal technology are available (including FKM/FPM, FFKM/FFPM, FEPM, NBR, VMQ and many more…) plus lots of special materials (including PTFE, FEP- and PFA-coated)
  • Current stock levels viewable online (updated daily)