The high-performance hydrogen sealing material range - H2 Sealing

Dependability for the technologies of tomorrow

Innovative hydrogen technologies offer enormous potential in numerous sectors. Whether as a versatile energy carrier or a chemical raw material, H2 opens up a vast range of new possibilities for production processes.

Hydrogen places specific demands on the components which it comes into contact with. The colourless and odourless gas does not only evaporate easily, but is also extremely flammable. Therefore, the seals represent a critical factor when dealing with H2. To minimize the risk of danger from escaping gas, and to avoid high losses through volatilization, low hydrogen permeability (gas permeability) is essential for the materials.

COG has designed the high-performance H2-Sealing series of materials specifically for use in a wide variety of hydrogen applications. For maximum reliability, the special materials have a particularly low hydrogen permeability, which has been tested in complex test procedures.

As an experienced sealing expert, we offer you our know-how in the development of customized solutions for H2 applications. Feel free to contact us directly!


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