Tradition and progress combined

COG is a company that lives its values: We set great store on what has been proven, yet still dare to question it. Our goal is to develop intelligent solutions for our customers. Open and fair dialogue is therefore very important to us. This also applies to our dealings with suppliers and employees.

A glimpse of COG Seal Technology.
Never paid us a visit? Here you can get a little taste of our business. Curtains up, let the film begin!

C. Otto Gehrckens is steeped in tradition…

  • 1867 Founded as the leather factory G. Metzger & Sohn in Pinneberg, Germany
  • 1919 Takeover of the leather processing firm C. Otto Gehrckens and continuation of the business under this name
  • From 1955 Switch from leather to rubber processing; since then, manufacture of V-belts and elastomer seals
  • Owned by the Metzger family for five generations, and still managed by family members

and forward-looking

  • 1995 DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
  • 1997 Formation of our own sales force
  • 1998 DIN EN ISO 14001 certification
  • 1998 Sale of the drive systems area of the business, in order to drive forward the buildup of our new core business, O-ring seals, more strongly
  • 2001 Setup of the application technology department
  • 2002 Sales, warehouse and admin move to a new logistics centre featuring state of the art warehouse technology
  • 2007 Work begins on construction of our new manufacturing site, boasting more than 6,000 m², at our headquarters on Gehrstücken, in Pinneberg, near Hamburg
  • 2008 Completion of the modern manufacturing facilities and complete move of our production
  • 2009 Introduction of the express production facility and opening of the O-Ring-Akademie®
  • 2013 Completion of the warehouse expansion and new office areas
  • 2017 COG celebrates its 150th anniversary
  • 2018 Completion of the Technikum
  • 2020 Outstanding climate protection honoured by the PRIMAKLIMA signet