Environmental Protection At COG - Milestone Towarde Sustainability

 As an industrial company, we are acutely aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. That’s why sustainability and environmental awareness are at the heart of COG's ethos.

We're firmly committed to going beyond just complying with environmental protection and sustainability standards. Embark with us on our journey towards climate-friendly operations and beyond.

Sustainability starts with planning

That's why we made the conscious decision to construct our new building in Pinneberg within the confines of B-Plan 118, a restricted industrial zone with stringent emission-reduction requirements. The primary approaches we take to achieve this include extensive greening of roofs within the company premises, using permeable paving in the car park areas and imposing stricter noise emission and immission requirements.

We also decided to introduce an environmental management system back in 1995 and were certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2015. You can find all further information here.

We have developed a catalogue of measures for COG to keep reducing our CO₂ emissions on an ongoing basis. Some of the key examples are listed here.

We made a conscious decision to use only recycled paper and also to minimise the use of papers in our offices and production in general.

Electricity is the key energy source for us. So to reduce our CO₂ emissions as far as possible here too, we use only green electricity supplied by a local provider.

All our on-site lighting has been converted to LED, to further reduce electricity consumption and save even more resources.

The company also actively supports local public transport by contributing to the cost of the EUR 49 Deutschland ticket as part of efforts to encourage environmentally friendly mobility.

All COG employees have the opportunity to lease bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters at preferential rates. All of which reduces CO₂-emissions, not only privately but also while commuting.

We have our carbon footprint balanced by an external service provider and cooperate with the PrimaKlima organisation to offset our CO₂ emissions by supporting certified climate protection projects. This collaboration has authorised COG to use the ‘PRIMA KLIMA’ climate seal and to provide evidence of climate-neutral business operations.

For more on this: https://www.primaklima.org/cog

You can view the PrimaKlima certificate here: https://www.cog.de/unternehmen/zertifikate

Upcoming planned steps are as follows: