High quality O-rings

Sealing Solutions from the specialist

We support you with our uncompromising demands on quality – from development to delivery. This guiding principle has proven itself: Our customers count among the best in their sectors. So that this remains the case, we stand by your side with high quality products, customer-orientated service and the range of our expertise.

Our solutions for your success

Over 45,000 O-rings available in our warehouse

  • Our own in-house development and manufacture of precision O-rings and other elastomer seals.
  • Large, medium and low-volume production.
  • High quality materials for virtually all sectors, from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to the oil and gas industries.
  • Approvals/certifications for a wide variety of materials and sectors.
  • Custom production.
  • Express production.
  • Lots of additional services relating to O-rings.


Our product range spans O-rings compliant with ISO 3601 and elastomer seals in all common sealing materials.

We produce

  • Inner diameters from 0.74 to 1,400 mm with cross sections from 0.6 to 30 mm
  • Inner diameters of your choice, from approx. 1,400 mm to 3,000 mm and above, with cross sections of 5 to 14 mm in endless vulcanisation process.
  • Mouldings, including sealing collars, flat rings and square rings on the basis of samples or drawings, made from various materials.

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