Seal materials at a glance

COG supplies more than just standard products. We can supply you with all common elastomer materials (including FFKM, FKM, FEPM, EMPD, NBR…) and lots of special materials, for example PTFE, FEP- and PFA-coated and many more.  

If what you require is not in that long list of materials, then let’s discuss your special requirements. At appropriate order volumes, we can also produce ‘out of the ordinary’ seals for you – as single components or in series production, using the materials of your choice and with the characteristics of your choice. It is not as expensive as you might think!



A further note:

With the variants listed above, minimum order quantities are required (unless the parts are stocked parts). Of course, as well as the compounds listed above, we can also supply you with many other characteristics of your choice. Minimum order quantities also apply in this instance.  

  • Click on the basic elastomers to see general material information.
  • Click on the COG number to view the respective datasheet.
  • Click on features to see certifications and approvals.


Basic ElastomerASTM
D 1418
ISO 1629
COG-NrHardness Shore AColourSpecial feature
Polyester urethane rubber AUPU 46090 ± 5 black
Polyester urethane rubber AUPU 5075 ± 5 black

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