Polyether urethane rubber (EU)

EU O-rings from COG

EU O-rings made out of Polyether urethane rubber (EU) distinguish themselves by an especially high performance. This includes its mechanical properties, such as resistance to tearing and abrasion, excellent rebound elasticity and being highly gas-tight. Its resistance to fuels and various oils used in technical applications, especially those oils with high aromatic content, is excellent. Seals made from polyurethane rubber have a long lifespan. This is partly due to their good temperature resistance, but also to their outstanding resistance to oxygen and ozone. EU O-rings have a better resistance to hydrolysis than AU materials and are also more durable when used with aqueous media.   

The properties and data given in materials summary are solely informative and general in character and not to be considered binding. Values applicable to specific cases may vary greatly depending on raw materials used and operating conditions. Please therefore contact our Applications Technology departmen before selecting any specific material to discuss with them what the optimal solution for your application need/s might be.

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