Fluorinated-rubber (FEPM)

FEPM O-rings

FEPM O-rings from COG

Well known trade names are  Viton® Extreme and Aflas®

Viton® Extreme-ETP 
 The outstanding chemical resistance of fluoro-rubber is surpassed by Viton® Extreme. Modified polymer structure means swelling in solvents and strongly alkaline materials is greatly reduced, heat resistance and cold flexibility are preserved and the temperature range lies between -10 °C and +200 °C. Viton®  O-rings are used wherever there are very aggressive chemicals demanding outstanding resistance properties.

Aflas® is a special natural rubber belonging to the new generation of fluoro-elastomers. Aflas® O-ring seals display exceptionally high resistance to a large number of specific media and chemicals, e.g. hot water, steam, acids, lyes, ammonia, bleaches, sour (H2S) gases and oils, as well as amines and especially media with additives containing amine and corrosioninhibitors, doped motor oils and gearbox oils, brake fluid and oxidised media.The temperature range is similar to that of fluorelastomers – from 10 °C up to +200 °C.

The properties and data given in materials summary are solely informative and general in character and not to be considered binding. Values applicable to specific cases may vary greatly depending on raw materials used and operating conditions. Please therefore contact our Applications Technology departmen before selecting any specific material to discuss with them what the optimal solution for your application need/s might be.

®AFLAS is a registered trademark of ASAHI GLASS Co. Ltd.
®VITON is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

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