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EPDM AP 307: High-performance material for the pharmaceuticals industry and biotechnology

The independent seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens has developed the EPDM compound “AP 307” for highly sensitive production processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and medical technology.

Key approvals for applications in these highly demanding sectors have been obtained for this special material in the COG HygienicSeal series. In addition to the safety assessment according to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, AP 307 has been approved according to USP Chapter 87 and USP Chapter 88 Class VI up to +121 °C. The EPDM compound has also passed the cytotoxicity test (according to ISO 10993-5:2009). What’s more, the high-performance material is extremely resistant in contact with CIP and SIP media, and also suitable for applications with aggressive water for injection (WFI).

Please find here our press release. (PDF download).

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Excellent climate protection at COG with the PRIMAKLIMA seal

The responsible use of our resources has been right at the top of C. Otto Gehrckens’ agenda for a long time now and after introducing an environmental management system as early as 1996, we continue to make a clear statement regarding environmental protection: COG has been operating on a climate-neutral basis since the beginning of the year and therefore achieved an important milestone when it comes to sustainability!

And this has now been officially confirmed by the award of a ‘Climate-Neutral Business’ signet from the organisation PRIMAKLIMA.

Please find here our press relase (PDF download).

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COG’s new technology centre: Space for innovation

Directly on the company’s site in Pinneberg, near Hamburg, COG has put its new technology centre into operation, therefore decisively expanding its manufacturing expertise in the truest sense of the word. Across an overall area of 2,000m2, this is where the specialists at COG are developing new materials to meet industry’s challenges of tomorrow.

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Press release: New FKM material Vi 900

New FKM material Vi 900 especially for requirements in the oil and gas industry.

The seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens presents the newly developed FKM compound Vi 900 as a powerful product innovation for use in the petrochemical industry.

Please find here our press release (PDF download).

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AF 680 - New AFLAS® FEPM sealing material for the food industry

With the newly developed “AF 680”, the independent seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens is expanding its product range with an FEPM material for critical fields of application in food production and related industries.

An especially devised AFLAS® base polymer was used for the innovative formulation. The important FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 approval is a novel feature of the special sealing material compounded by COG. What’s more, it is absolutely reliable in applications with SIP and CIP processes and is also fully compatible with the increasingly required, more aggressive cleaning cycles with brine (base) flushing at high temperatures (approx. 140 °C). The volume swelling of the new FEPM sealing material is extremely low. That makes this compound ideal for use in the tight installation spaces of the sterile threaded connections in accordance with hygienic design.

As an AFLAS® series high-performance elastomer, AF 680 is highly resistant to many different chemicals as well as flavouring agents and essential oils. Furthermore the compound can be used in applications with operating temperatures up to +230 °C.

Please find here our press release. (PDF download).

We look forward to publication and the sending of two specimen copies.

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New FKM special material Vi 250 for long-term use in high-temperature environments

At the end of the year we presents a high-performance material with outstanding temperature resistance qualities. Specifically designed for high-temperature applications, the new high-performance FKM compound Vi 250 is completely air-tight at temperatures of up to +250 °C, even over the long term. With this innovative product, the COG experts have enriched the FKM portfolio with the addition of a high-performance special material which will also withstand permanently high temperatures in industrial environments.

Please find here our press relase (PDF download).

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New NBR material P 300

New NBR material P 300 - certified approvals for use in the food and drink production industry 

With its versatile characteristics, the COG development NBR Compound P 300 can be used in various applications in the food industry. The P 300 impresses thanks to its good mechanical properties and therefore comes into its own in system components that are subject to intense material stress, and is also suitable for dynamic applications.

Please find here our press release (PDF download).

Download product picture P 300.

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