Knowledge capably disseminated: the O-Ring-Akademie®

O-rings seem simple to fit. But they are extremely complex to manufacture. And even more demanding to handle and use. As seal experts, we can draw upon a vast array of knowledge and experience, which we are pleased to share. A concern of ours is to provide users with fundamental information about this extremely extensive and difficult topic. The framework for this is our O-Ring-Akademie®.   

Our offering spans practical training sessions in two different formats: In all-day compact or intensive seminars, you will be personally trained by our acclaimed instructors.

And for specific topics, our webinars (english only) are available to you. These feature our experts’ incisive online lectures on special topics relevant to seal technology – indispensable, compact knowledge, summarised for you in just one hour.                                                                                                   

You also have several options regarding the training location: COG provides modern rooms in the company’s headquarters in Pinneberg, Germany, for the seminars. But you would prefer to remain within your own four walls? No problem. Our instructors would be pleased to visit your company to provide the training sessions. The webinars take place where everybody can access them: in the digital realm that is the world wide web, that is to say, from your PC.  

Be a part of it!