Resistance is a quality - the COG chemical resistance list

In order to classify the chemical resistance of an elastomer against a medium, we have established guidelines on the basis of our own tests and information supplied by our customers and suppliers. You can find the results in our resistance list.

Due to the different usage conditions and compositions of the media, this information should be regarded purely as a guideline (at room temperature). It is non-binding and must be checked on a case-by-case Basis.

The resistances at a glance

All information relates to room temperature unless otherwise stated.

  • A 0%–5% volume swelling: Elastomer exhibits no or minimal swelling
  • B 5%–10% volume swelling: Elastomer exhibits low to moderate swelling 
  • C 10%–20% volume swelling: Elastomer exhibits moderate to strong swelling
  • D Not recommended
  • E Unknown/Not tested

The chemical resistant list is also available as a PDF-file. Click on the prefix letters to the left to view resistances against individual media.



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