FAQ Application


1. Are the listed vacancies current?

2. How should I apply to COG?

3. Can I also send speculative applications?

4. Who is the contact person regarding my application?

5. What documents are required for an application?  

6. How can I ensure that you have received my application?

7. What happens to my data once my application is received?

8. How does the selection process work?

9. I’ve been invited to an interview. How can I best prepare?


... and answers:

1. Yes, the job opportunities on our website are updated regularly, and are therefore all vacant. As soon as a position has been filled, it is immediately removed from our jobs portal.

2. We look forward to receiving your application by email, preferably in PDF format. This ensures that we receive the relevant information and documents in the best possible format for our applicant management systems, meaning we can guarantee speedy processing. Of course, it’s still possible to apply in paper form.

3. You’re welcome to send us your speculative application. Please email your application to apply(at)cog.LÖSCHEN.de.

4. In the case of job applications, your contact persons are Mr Christian Ruge and Mrs Petra Kuc-Fischer.

5. A complete application comprises the following documents:

  • Letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • References and certificates
  • Photo (optional)

Information which, according to the German General Act on Equal Treatment, does not have any bearing on the decision is not compulsory (eg photo).

6. We confirm receipt of applications by email, usually within four working days. Please also check your spam folder. Of course, in case of doubt you are welcome to telephone us.

7. All data that you supply to COG is processed in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. Personal information, and therefore all application data you supply to us, is used in confidence and only for the purposes of processing your application.

8. All application documents are examined in our personnel department as well as in the relevant specialist department. We aim to process applications within around 14 days. In the event of a positive evaluation, we will invite you to a first interview. There may then follow a further interview, so that we may consolidate our first impressions.

9. In the event of a personal interview with us, you should be prepared for general questions on your person and on individual sections of your curriculum vitae. Of course, we also want to know what specialist knowledge you would bring to the chosen position, as well as why you are interested in this job opportunity and in COG. For you, the interview offers the opportunity to clear up your questions about COG, your career opportunities, your duties and your future team.