COG Resist® – a class for itself.

For some applications there is no 
alternative to a perfluorelastomer (FFKM/FFPM). 
In thoses cases it is good to know if 
you can trust in the extraordinary 
COG Resist® compound from COG. 
As a state-of-the-art product 
COG Resist® combines PTFE resistance 
to chemicals and heat with FKM/FPM 
elastomer properties. It is used where 
other elastomers can not do the job and 
maximum reliability is required.

The COG Resist® range of FFKM/FFPM elastomers offer performance characteristics that span the most demanding of applications in industries. COG Resist®'s flexibility provides you with a number of advantages. The combination of in-house tooling, extensive range of material grades and rapid production, means that non-standard O-Rings and custom components can be supplied just as easily as a BS/AS standard sizes – with exceptionally short lead times.

Advantages of COG Resist®:

•   Maximum chemical restistance of all elastic sealing materials
•   High temperature stability up to 325 °C, depending to the used type
•   Low compression set
•   Excellent vacuum performance
•   Flexibel in the application
•   Appropiate material for various requirements
•   Wide range of approvals/ licences
•   Ring diameter up to 2000 mm possible



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